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  1. Wine Tasting Notes April 2012


    My wine tasting notes for April 2012 are a little different from past months.  I spent the majority of the month in Brazil.  I tasted many Brazilian wines, not all made the post.  In the next few weeks I will have detailed posts of my excursions in Brazil.  The unfortunate part, is that most of these wines are not available in the states.  I have listed prices in Brazilian Reals, which exchange about 1.8 to the dollar.

    If you’d like to learn more about Brazilian Wines

    check out the Wines of Brasil Website.

    I also have a short video about the Serra Guacha here. ENJOY!


    Cordilheira de Sant’ana Gerwurztraminer Reserva Especial Campanha Brazil ’08

    Pineapple, fig, baking spice, banana aromas with weight. Alcohol is at 13.5%, a bit higher in comparison to other Brazilian whites.  The acidity is not very high, however the flavors linger on the finish.

    R$ 38


    Cordilheira de Sant’ana Chardonnay Reserva Especial Campanha Brazil ’05

    In comparison to the 2008, the color is a lot lighter.  It has aromas of butter, pear and field flowers.  The wine is creamy on the palate and does not show a whole lot of oxidized notes you would expect.

    R$ 38