The People Behind Your Dining Experience

Posted on January 13, 2012

Meet Tiffany Gillespie and Josh Grimes, two of the people behind your dining experience.

Who are the people behind your dining experience?  How often do you get to know your server?  Everyone has their own idea of what the dining experience should and shouldn’t be.  There are those diners who want a talkative and vivacious server and others that prefer a more aloof server.  Some people consider medium rare as red center with a little blood while an others pink in the center.  Some guests look at the menu by reading the right side first, the prices.  Others read the descriptions and order according to what sounds good.  Some people come to the restaurant to find something wrong and others expect to be blown away.  It takes a special individual to meet the expectations of the general public.

The restaurant business is not for everybody.  It takes a special person to have the humility to serve others with a smile no matter how good or badly he/she is treated.  A restaurant worker needs to be able to multitask and make quick decisions on the spot.  A restaurant worker has a diverse personality and has the ability to change their personality according the moment.  They need to work under pressure and keep up an appearance of control.  Restaurant employees  have so much more going on than just their work.  Many have chosen this career path because it allows them the flexibility to pursue other interests. (more…)