Sauvignon Blanc Seminar

Sauvignon Blanc Seminar
Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc semianr was the first seminar in a seminar series, called the Captains of Wine Seminars.  The seminars were intended for my restaurant staff.  Rather than just tasting wine on a regular basis, I wanted to break down the world of wine to the essentials.  These seminars were presented every 4-6 weeks and then the staff was tested.  Those that passed 10 exams received Captain status, which came with many perks. Since their start, I have had 5 servers go on to receive their level 1 Sommelier certification.

I started with Sauvignon Blanc seminar because at that time we were still in the summer and Sauvignon Blanc was hot. The Sauvignon Blanc seminar might be a little out dated, since 2005 there have been many more regions that call for more attention.  For example “Happy  Canyon” Sauvignon Blancs out the Santa Ynez Valley and those out of Lake County should be worth a mention.  And for that matter, Napa Sauvignon Blancs have come around a bit and are less and less fleshy.  And in France, the 2009 Sancerre wines are more new world in style than those of past years.  The world of wine is in constant evolution and that’s what makes my job more interesting and challenging. That being said, this seminar is a good place to start in understanding Sauvignon Blanc.

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