Vine Hill and Cumbre Wines

Posted on November 16, 2011

The wines from Vine Hill come from the Santa Cruz Mountains. The winery goes back to the 1870’s when it was the John Jarvis Jr. Vineyard.  Vine Hill today makes three brands, Vine Hilll, Gatos Locos and Cumbre. The Cumbre wines are made by Sal Godines, a one time migrant farm worker turned winemaker.  What I like about these wines is that they are true to their terroir. These were tasted on October 5, 2011.

Vine Hill Chardonnay  Clement Ridge  California ’08

Bright aromas of apples and pears. Hints of toast with an underling herbal character. Fruit is bright and finishes crisp.

retail $20

Vine Hill Pinot Noir “Sentilla Vineyard” Los Carneros ’09

Upfront red fruit, cranberry and floral aromas. Silky texture with more fresh fruit flavors. A bit warm on the palate. Finishes long with violets, cocoa, and toasted wood. Twiggy notes.

Retail $25

Cumbre Pinot Noir Santa Cruz Mountains ’06

My personal favorite of the bunch. Dried fruit, cranberry and cedar notes. Soft tannins, and silky texture with cherry flavors. Finishes floral and of dried herbs.

92 pts WE

Retail $45

Cumbre Pinot Noir  “Raffaelli” Santa Cruz Mountains ’07

A bit more new world in style. Red cherry, raspberry and brighter berry fruits than the ’06 Cumbre. Fuller body with vanilla and tobacco flavors.

Retail $50



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