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The Winners of the Oenophile Challenge

Posted on April 2, 2013

The Oenophile Challenge

The Oenophile Challenge is a top chef-like competition with wine education.  All servers of Island Prime and C-Level picked a favorite wine by the glass.  The teams were made according to the wines they picked.  Each team presented their wine to a panel of judges.  The judges selected the most creative, the most informative and the most humorous presentations.  Twelve teams took part in the Oenophile Challenge, but only three were true Oenophiles.

Oenophilia is a disease that is spreading throughout San Diego’s restaurant staffs.  This challenge only proves that we may never find a cure. (more…)

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A Drive Through the Brazilian Wine Region, La Serra Guacha

Posted on May 2, 2012


I am the luckiest man in the world!  I have two amazing children and my wife is the most beautiful and supportive spouse one could ask for; and she is Brazilian.  We decide to take the kids to Brazil to visit the grandparents for the first time.  It gave us a chance to escape from our daily routine and focus on family time.  Her home town is surrounded by wine regions, so naturally I made sure that tasting wine was on the agenda.  I took a little road trip to the wine regions of Rio Grande do Sul in the Southern Brazil bordering Uruguay and to the north, outside Porto Alegre.  Her cousin’s husband, Nelson, kindly volunteered to chauffeur me through La Serra Guacha, Brazil’s most well known wine region.  The following video is my road trip through one of the most beautiful Brazilian wine region, La Serra Guacha.  I hope you enjoy the clip and the introduction to Brazilian wine. (more…)


Paolo Menezes Rio Velho winemaker on Brazilian Wine

Posted on April 27, 2012

Brazilian wine has not made its way into the mainstream wine market, yet. It is only a matter of time.  Below is a short video of Paolo Menezes, wine maker of Rio Velho expressing his views on where the future of Brazilian wine.  Make sure to turn on the captions.

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