Wine Seminars

Wine seminars have been the most valuable tool in understanding wine.  Over the years in the restaurant industry, I have had the opportunity to take part in many wine seminars. Some wine seminars were given by the wine distributors, others by wineries and some from educational organizations.  This is a perk of the industry and it is an effective way for these organizations to showcase their products.

My intention in creating these seminars was originally to educate the restaurant staff.  I then realized that there are many people out there interested in wine, but do not have the opportunity to be around it at this capacity.  So I started, Prime Cru Wine Club.  Prime Cru was created with the intention of bringing these seminars to our restaurant guests.  It was a way to offer something that they might not otherwise ever get to experience.  Each seminar is given in a classroom style setting with an extensive tasting.  The guests take part by listening to the seminar and tasting and asking questions.

Much of the information has been sourced from different sources on the internet and compiled so that it is easy to follow and understand.  I want to make these seminars accessible so that we can all share the information.  I strongly believe, a more educated populace will create more adventurous drinkers.  The wine industry is always growing and we should have a well-informed consumer to keep it sustainable.

Below are links and PDFs of the seminars.

Sauvignon Blanc Seminar


Download sauvignon blanc PowerPoint presentation

Chardonnay Seminar

Download chardonnay seminar PowerPoint presentation

Napa Valley Seminar

Download Napa Valley seminar PowerPoint presentation

Sonoma County

Download Sonoma County PowerPoint presentation

Food and wine pairing

Download Food and wine pairing PowerPoint presentation


Download Tequila PowerPoint presentation

Syrah seminar

Download Syrah PDF

Chilean Wine

Download Chilean Wine PDF

Italian Wine

Download Italian Wine PDF

Pinot Noir

Download Pinot Noir PDF

Spanish Wine

Download Spanish Wine PDF