Sonoma Valley

sonoma valley

A look at Sonoma Valley

While Napa receives all the praise and attention, Sonoma Valley sits in the shadows and produces some of the best wines in California.  I don’t think that the people of Sonoma really mind.  They are not the attention seekers. Most are down to earth farmers and have been in the business since the beginning of wine production in California.  What a I really enjoy is that Sonoma can produce so many types grapes and do them well.  The Pinot Noirs of the Sonoma Coast are true to Pinot and are balanced. The Zinfandels of Dry Creek are juicy, yet have a sense of mineral. And of course the Cabernets of Alexander Valley seem to be a lot more concentrated than those of Napa.

The Sonoma Valley has a deep roots, it was essential in the creation of California as a State.  It’s military, political and agriculture history is filled with stories and antidotes.  It might not have the pedigree of Napa valley, however, offers a lot more diversity.  This seminar provides a quick look at the different regions of Sonoma.  Sonoma is the place for everybody; whether you are a Chardonnay lover or a Syrah aficionado, you are bound to find an excellent wine made there.

Since this seminar there have been several more AVA’s added.  Pine Mountain-Cloverdale, Fort Ross-Seaview and Rockpile.  There are many more under way.

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