Chilean Wine

Chilean wines are some of the most popular wines.  This seminar takes a look at the diverse wine regions of Chile, the history of Chilean wines and a glimpse into the future of Chilean wine.  This seminar was made possible by the information provided to me during my 10 day visit in Chile hosted by Wines of Chile. 

During my ten days of traveling through the different regions of Chile, my team and I were blown away.  I had always seen Chile as a value wine producer.  The wines were good, they were good if I was spending $10 a bottle.  The wines always seemed a little green.  It is probably the same image you have of Chilean wines.  That being said, after trying a greater variety of wines that are not in our corner liquor store, I realized that Chilean wines are a lot more complex than I had imagined.

What really stood out too me was the different micro climates within Chile.  A new wave of forward thinking wine-makers are taking advantage of this.  They have turned away from what the first Chilean wine-makers were doing and are now focusing more on quality and terroir and not high yields.  New varieties of grapes are pouring into Chile.  What was once a country known for Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere and bad Merlot will soon be praised for its cool climate Syrah, Pinot Noir and my favorite Carignan.

I am excited to share this seminar with you.  By the end you will hopefully have a better understanding of Chilean wine and venture out and try some new interesting wines from Chile.

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