Scoring Wine Seminar

This seminar takes a look at scoring wine.  What are wine ratings?  How do the scores get compiled?  What should one expect from the different publications?  Scoring wine has its ups and downs, and can stir up controversy.  But, how does one do it?
During the Scoring wine seminar, attendees learned about the basic structural elements of wine and how to attach a numeric score to each.  Afterwards they scored 6 wines, 3 whites & 3 reds. There was a professional panel made up of sommeliers, wine makers, retail owners and distributors who rated the same wines as the attendees.  The attendees were able to compare their scores with the professionals.

Whether you adhere to the critics scores or you ignore them, ratings have had a tremendous effect on the wine industry.   Ratings have made wineries and broken wineries.  In the Scoring wine seminar we take a look at the history of scoring wine and test the different systems.  At the end of the day what is most important is that you drink what you like.  Critics ratings are fun to read, but do not get fooled.  Enjoy drinking your favorite wines because you like them, not because someone tells you to.

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