Spanish Wine

An Introduction to Spanish Wines

Spain is one of my personal favorite wine regions in the world.  It is bridges the gap from Old World to New World.  The wines made in Spain have a rich history that dates back to Greek and Roman times.  One of my favorite things while giving these seminars is touching a bit on the history of the country and have it influences wine making.  Spanish wines are diverse and are very approachable. They are not too acidic and although they go well with food, they do not need food.

The only thing that Spain suffers from is lack of marketing.  This is a region that has many hard-headed wine makers that choose to do things their own way. There is an old machismo way of  thinking where no one wants to share and they thrive on competition. While this forces some to make better wines than their neighbors, it also hinders the marketability of the region. Coming together and marketing their regions, rather than their individual wineries; they could bring more of the world’s attention to Spain. This inadvertently would bring more attention to their wineries.

This being said, I love their wines. This seminar is an introduction to Spain and its many regions.  With a bit of history and look into the DO rules of Spain, one should have a better understanding of Spanish wine.

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