One of the most celebrated wines is Champagne, or should I say the wine most used for celebrations is champagne.  Either way, you get my drift.  Champagne is one of the most prized wines in the world.  If you are getting a gift for a special someone, Champagne is always a good option.  In the restaurant, when someone wants to celebrate a special occasion, Champagne is a necessity.  Everyone knows Champagne.  But does everybody really know Champagne?

It is pretty common knowledge that Champagne is a sparkling wine from the region of Champagne, France and any other sparkling wine is not Champagne.  But what else do people know.  I know that when  I presented this seminar to the servers at the restaurant, many lefty wide-eyed and full of new information.  These are professionals that serve it everyday.  Sometimes we take things for granted.

Understanding that Champagne and sparkling wines are too different wines, merely because of place is important.  Once you begin to try other types of sparkling wines you just might find one that fits better in your budget.  Sparkling wine seems to be reserved for special occasions, but isn’t being alive a special occasion.  It should be drunk a lot more.  These wines are excellent to pair with food, to pair with cheese and just for lounging in your patio.

This seminar is a seminar on sparkling wine and an introduction to understanding how it is made, different regions of the world and their flavor profiles. I hope you enjoy it.

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