Wine and Art Pairing

Part of my mission statement is wine education.  Where I want to take this is comparing wine to the world around us. It is an abstract concept which I believe will help individuals understand the fundamentals about wine. We can pair food with wine, chocolate with wine & cheese with wine. Wine goes way beyond the realm of just what it tastes and smells like. The idea behind wine and art pairing is to look at wine as it affects us emotionally. Like art, wine can evoke emotions and create an experience or vice-versa, give us an experience which leaves a lasting impression. Taking a closer look at the two we can learn more about the basics of wine and art and see how their individual fundamental elements relate to each other.

The basic idea behind wine and art pairing is to look at the basic fundamental elements of wine and those of art and compare them with each other.  Each element has an influence in creating a certain experience.  We will pair those experiences or emotions to each other.  Are you with me yet? Not to worry, you’ll catch up; lets first learn the basics of art and wine.

The wine and art pairing seminar below was integrated as an art show where the guests arrived and viewed 6 different artists.  Each artist was paired with a white and a red wine.  The viewer interacted with the artist as they tasted the wine which was paired with each piece.  Wine has always been served at art shows, but never in this format.  We actually paired wine and art.  We had great feedback, the guests really began to understand the concept and had a completely different experience from a normal art show.  The presentation was displayed on a large screen during the show so that the viewers had a better understanding why certain wines were paired with the artists.  Enjoy!


  1. Karen Turcotte

    Dear Maurice, I came across your art and wine pairing lecture and wonder if it may be alright to use it for a future seminar at the Middletown Art Center. Middletown is in Lake County (another wine growing region), but we were devastated with the Valley Fire – California’s 3rd worst fire … 2,000 homes lost, etc. We are hoping to do a series of pairings but our first one is with the current exhibit ‘Ashes to Art’ and our winemakers will discuss how the fires effected the land and the wines. But in the future we would like to use your terms and your style of presentation for pairings that related directly to exhibits. Can we have your permission? We hope you’ll come visit us sometime!
    With great regard,

    • Maurice

      I would be honored for you to use it. Thank you for asking. Let me know if you need anything else. Cheers!

  2. Karen Turcotte

    Thank you so much. You have given us a way to frame these most wonderful endeavors of wine and art in such a way that is truly relevant. I am serious about you visiting Lake County!

    With great regard,

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