French Wine

An introduction to French Wine.

France is one of the largest producers of wine. Its history is rich and goes back to the beginning of viticulture.  France has many major wine regions and all are very distinct.  For many novices, French wine is a bit if an overwhelming region to tackle.  Many are intimidated because they cannot pronounce the wines.  Others may feel uncomfortable because there are so many different types of wines.  What I love about the French is that in all that mystique of the French language, they have actually made it very easy to understand their wines.

The French have so many strict rules when it comes to wine. Once one understands those rules, than understanding French wine is very easy.  In fact it is more user friendly than California, in that you always know what you are going to get.  The AOC rules let us know when we are drinking Pinot or Cabernet just by telling us where the wine is from.  This seminar was intended for our Prime Cru wine club members so that they can get a brief introduction into the wines of France.  I wanted them leaving with a better understanding of the AOC rules and what to expect from some of the major regions in France.

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  1. Julianna

    No problem. I haven’t tried any yet, but I do have a botlte of the 2008 Cave de Pomerols Picpoul de Pinet and the 2007 Altovinum Evodia Old Vines Garnacha that I need to drink though. Very excited to see how they are. Thanks again for the great recommendations.

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