Syrah Wine Seminar

The Syrah seminar is one pf my favorite seminars.  I guess that is because Syrah is one of my favorite grapes.  It was interesting to see how little people really know about this grape.  Those that attended the seminar walked away with a whole new outlook.

It is one of the most widely planted grapes and one of the most under rated grapes.  It produces deep colored wines with generous tannins and an undeniable silky texture.  Syrah came to greatness in the Northern Rhone.  It soon spread to the new world where it built Australia‚Äôs wine industry.  Today it is found in many diverse climates such as the hot regions of California and the cool coastal areas of Chile.  Syrah is diverse and produces world-class wines no matter where it is planted.  The seminar focuses on what to expect from region to region.

When we tasted its wines from each region, it was easy to see the dramatic differences.  Let alone within California, Syrah varied so much.  Attendees were blown away by how different a wine from Paso Robles and one from Santa Ynez were.  Then when we through Australian Shiraz and French Hermitage and we are talking about an even wider spectrum.  Enjoy the seminar and drink more Syrah!

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