Blind Tasting Seminar

Blind Tasting Wine Seminar

Many people think that blind tasting wine is only for advanced wine drinkers. Most people can’t believe that someone can discern where a wine is from, what grape it is and what vintage it is from by smelling and tasting it blind. This does take time and a lot of practice. However, I am a firm believer that blind tasting is the best way for beginners to understand wine. It forces the taster to focus on the wine in the glass without having any preconceptions of what it is by seeing the bottle. The taster focuses on the structure components of the wine, and figures them out for him or herself.

It is not so important whether one guesses what the wine is or where it is from. What is important is that the taster begins to understand his or her palate. If the taster saw a bottle of Cabernet in front of them, he/she would start making associations that are indicative of Cabernet. But if the taster is tasting blind, the associations made are simply what he or she is actually tasting and not from what they think they should be tasting.

This seminar in blind tasting is a beginners look at tasting and understanding the structure components of wine. It is an exercise in understanding ones palate and putting together associations into a final conclusions. Practice, practice and more practice is the only way one can master blind tasting. This seminar is a good way to start, for that matter it is a good exercise in understanding wine.

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