Summer Whites

Summer whites can technically be drunk any time of the year, but the purpose for this wine seminar was to give people an understanding of some eclectic white wines.  I call them summer whites because they are ideal for the warm weather and summertime activities.

I gave this seminar a few years ago at the beginning of the summer.  Pool parties and barbeques were just getting under way.  My intention was to give our guests an alternative to Chardonnay.  I took them throughout the globe trying different whites from different countries.  In the process I tried to give a general understanding of white wines and the different processes.  There are so many whites, this is just a quick look at some interesting whites that are readily available in most stores and wine shops.

Summer whites need to be crisp and fresh. When you are out in the sun all day you want something refreshing. Sauvignon Blanc is usually everyone’s choice. However, don;t let your summer go by without trying different summer whites. There are some interesting varieties which make a more interesting choice than just Sauvignon Blanc. Be adventurous with your summer whites and enjoy!

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