Rhone Wine Seminar

The Rhone Wine Seminar

The wines of the Rhone valley are some of the most important wines in the world. I say this because very few regions were responsible for the creation of a whole new region. The Syrahs of the Rhone were so suitable for Australia that the Australian wine commerce was centered around the prized Shiraz.  The appellation lies North to South which enables a diversity in geography, climate and topography.  In turn this allows the production of many different types of grapes and styles of wine. Thanks to people such as Thomas Jefferson, a Rhone Valley fanatic, we have been given the opportunity to try these wines.

I had a great time creating the Rhone wine seminar because I am a huge fan of Rhone wines. The Rhone wine seminar will hopefully open your eyes to the diversity of the Rhone. The whites of the Northern Rhone are world-class. The roses from the southern Rhone range from everyday drinking wines to wines that rival Burgundy. The reds can be massive yet show restrain and elegance. The North is known for some of the greatest vineyards in the world and the south is known for excellent red blends. The Rhone wine seminar will cover the major appellations and give you a quick look at what you might expect from these wines.

The Rhone wine seminar covers the different regions of the Northern Rhone and Southern Rhone. We discuss the different soil types, climates and grapes that are used throughout the Rhone.

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