Napa Valley Seminar

When we talk about California wine, Napa is the most recognized region of California.  It was not the first region to be planted; however, it was the first to really come together and market itself.  The Napa Vintners is an organization that helped bring the farmers and wine makers together building a strong relationship which has assisted in bringing Napa to the world.  Many regions of the world suffer from too much competition and not enough comradery.  Napa is a great example of what can be achieved if people work together, and not against.

The Napa Valley seminar was intended for a restaurant staff which serves many Napa wines.  So many times we serve Napa wine but we do not know the details of each sub region and how they differ.  The Napa Valley Seminar will show you  that Napa has some of the most diverse soil types in the world which accounts for the different styles of wine which can be produced.  Each AVA has been classified as its own AVA because of its uniqueness.  I want the staff to be well informed on some of the major AVA’s so that when making recommendations they can guide the guest to making the right choice.

Much of the information was provided by the Napa Vintners.  Their pictures are detailed and are excellent representation of the the terroir and geography of Napa.  My intention was to give a brief history of the region and then some details of the differences between each AVA.  The Napa Valley seminar is a little outdated, since then there have been a few more AVA’s added to Napa.  I hope you enjoy it.

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