Vineyard 29 “Cru” Cabernet Napa 2008

Posted on November 15, 2011

Two years of Prime Cru have come and gone, and since our inception in late 2009 we have grown to over 1600 members.  As I looked over everyone’s questionnaires, I was overwhelmed with how many Napa Cab drinkers we have.  So to stay true to our members, I ring in the New Year with a Napa Cab.  But not just any Napa Cab, this is the quintessential winery out of Napa,
Vineyard 29.

Vineyard 29 is known for its state of the art winery and its constant pursuit of quality through science.  What Vineyard 29 also finds to be true is… “ …surround yourself with great people and you too will be great.” This has been the case since the beginning. The vineyards were planted by the infamous David Abreu and the
cuttings came from neighboring Grace Family Vineyards.  The winery has had many great  wine makers in its past such as Heidi Barret and today, Philippe Melka.

The 2008 Cru Cabernet is sourced from some of the most praised vineyards in Napa.  The fruit is harvested and vinified in the same way all the wines at Vineyard 29 have been.  It is picked in small bunches and hand sorted so that the berries are never bruised.  They are placed in computerized fermentation tanks where they are monitored. The juice is never pumped, instead it is moved around the winery by gravity flow systems and hydraulics.  All this technology and care to make sure that the wines express their true nature…their terroir.

This attentive process has made Vineyard 29 a stand out amongst its peers.  The Cru is a medium-full bodied Cab with fruit aromas ranging from black cherry to plum.  Most impressive is the mid-palate with flavors of macadamia nut and chocolate.  The
alcohol is a little forward but that is just sign of its youthfulness which will settle down as it matures a few months. What a great addition to our Prime Cru list of wines. I am 100% sure that it will gratify your tastes and be a great addition to your cellar.

This wine is still available at Island Prime by the glass!


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