WhINE to the MUSIC: LCD Soundsystem and Nicolas Joly Savennieres

Posted on October 26, 2012

“Whine to the music” is the art of pairing good grooves, such as LCD Soundsystem “Dance Yourself Clean” with wine. We have been drinking wine with music since the dawn of wine. I don’t think music would have evolved without wine. Most people tend to turn up the music when they drink wine. Whine to the Music is not just sitting back, drinking wine and getting teary eyed. It is a concept like ART and Wine Pairing, where we dissect the structures of the wine and the work to its basic elements. The structural elements eventually create an emotion in us. Whine to the Music is the art of pairing wine with music based on the emotion they evoke in us.
Emotion is a direct result of our environment. The sounds, the sights, the feelings and how we interact in that space creates our environment. Wine is full of emotion. It makes us tipsy, loose and lets our guard down changing our interactions with our environment. Drink enough and we lose our inhibitions. Take in the aromas, savor the flavors, and concentrate on the finish. The wine will open up and effect your emotions.



Today I pair LCD Soundsystem “Dance Yourself Clean” with a Chenin Blanc, Nicolas Joly “les Clos Sacres” Savennières.

I love this song! Every time I hear it, I want to dance.  In fact, it is the ring tone I use for when my wife calls me.  What makes this song so great?  I am a sucker for songs that start mellow and build up to a complete rock out.  This song has synthesizers, drum kits and the singer sings from a 50’s style 3D Model of 55SH microphone giving the voice a can like sound. The music is lively and bright.

The color of Chenin Blanc is bright and clear which matches with the liveliness of this song.  The grape is not super aromatic, but it does show white pitted fruits and honeysuckle.  Since it does not jump out in the glass it is a perfect match for how this song begins, quite, chill and repetitive.  Then you hit the 3 minute mark in the song, and BOOM!  The song explodes and the Muppets rock out!  The Nicolas Joly Savennières “le CLos Sacre” from the Loire starts off with subdued aromas.  Once you taste it the wine explodes with lively fruit flavors, citrus and intense acidity.  The wine is biodynamic.  Joly really pushes the acidity, however the rich honey, spice tones and floral character makes this wine super complex.  The song is long but in no way boring.  This Chenin blanc is a perfect pairing with the divine sounds of LCD Soundsystem!

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