WhINE to the MUSIC: Elis Regina and Lidio Carraro

Posted on November 7, 2012

Whine to the Music is the art of pairing wine and music.  In the same way I approach ART & WINE PAIRING, I will tackle wine and music.  I’ll look at the structure of the wine and pair it to the elements of the music.  Take a sip of your wine.. do you feel anything?  Watch a music video…do you feel anything?  Whine to the Music is pairing wine and music based on emotion.  How does one begin to approach such an obscure concept?  Below you will see the basic structural elements of wine and how they pertain to music.


Elis Regina “Como Nosso Pias”  paired with Lidio Carraro “Quorum”

Elis Regina – Como Nossos Pais



Elis Regina is one of the greatest and most inspirational singers of South America.  Brazilian born, she gained notoriety throughout South America in the ’70’s for her magnificent voice and FU attitude.   You might not understand the lyrics to this song, but you can definitely see the emotion and conviction when she sings.

I chose to pair this iconic song with Lidio Carraro’s “Quorum”, a Bordeaux blend from Serra Gaucha.  I figure I’d approach this like I would a food and wine pairing, pair the wine with the food of that region.  The Quorum is bold of color with med to full body.  It has good fruit but what stands out is the minerality.  It is something that is so unique to Brazil, a wet stone, mid palate delight.

The song starts off slow and progresses in intensity.  By the 3 minute mark you might be in tears from the shear heart in her voice.  Like the Quorum, at first it is black fruit, some earthy tones and floral characters.  But as the wine stays with you the finish is long and the acidity is mouth-watering.  The wine’s minerality is its strongest suit and pairs excellently with the song’s theme, Elis looking back at her parents.  Lidio Carraro is now being distributed by Wine Bow in the US and is available at Island Prime and C-Level.

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1 Comment

  1. Pat

    Well, I didn’t cry, but I did laugh out loud every time the guy in the tights, speedo and cape showed up on screen. 😉

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