Dr. Seuss of wine: Brettanomyces

Posted on May 9, 2013

dr suess wineDr. Seuss was a major part of how our society learned to read and interact with the world around us.  It was the way I learned to eat a sound breakfast, green eggs and ham.   I searched for a long time deep in abandoned libraries and found these lost works of Dr. Seuss.  Interestingly enough, the collection focused on wine!  Imagine that, Dr. Seuss was a Oenophile. In his first work, he helps us understand Brettanomyces.  Can you say, BRETT-tan-NO-Mices?  Do you know what Brettanomyces is?  Thanks to Dr. Seuss we will now have a better understanding of Brettanomyces.


White Wine

Pink WineBrettanomyces

Red Wine

Some Wine


French Wine

Greek Wine

Your Wine

My Wine


This one has a bad crisis.

This smells like poop of mices

Is it Brettanomyces?


Some smell cheesy. Some smell like glue.

Some say gross. Some say Mmmm.


Some are dank.

Some are blank.dr suess barrel

Some are downright super rank.

What makes them dank and blank and rank?

I think it is, a dirty tank.


Some are old.

Some are poopy.

This red one is

Quite smoky


From the barrel?

From the maker?

This nasty scent,dr suess smell

Is no faker.


Is it dirty?

Is it clean?

Maybe its



Oh yeast! Oh Wine!

Oh Yeast! Oh Wine!

Why did you let it effect my wine?


Some like Musardr. suess musar

Some like faults.

Some like Hochar

Some scream halt!


Why do Somms like it? I cannot say.

But consumers will never, never pay.


I smell band-aid.

I smell dog poo.

Sometimes bacon.

And horses too.dr suess aromas

Some have spice

Some have glue


Vintners call it

The yeast Dekkera?

Winemaker please,

Why in this era?



  1. PeladoColorado

    Pleas, Maurice, don’t continue with this idea. Maybe you didn’t grow up here, or just don’t understand, but Ted Geisel is now spinning.

    I have enjoyed past postings, but there’s nothing cute about this.

    • Maurice

      Sorry you feel this way, but I am only honoring a great man. I read these stories to my kids all the time. I just could not resist. I am sure Ted would have a kick. His stories are amazing! His writing is incredible and very very difficult to duplicate. I have a passion for wine, and mad respect for Ted…so naturally the two go together. Thanks for your comment.

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