Wine Interviews with Dead Celebrities: John Lennon

Posted on May 31, 2013

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A wine interview with John Lennon.  “Imagine”, if you could to talk to John Lennon like it was “yesterday”, about wine.

For sometime now, I have tried to get wine interviews with some of my favorite musician, movie stars and other celebrities about their wine habits.  I have found it very difficult to get past their fan clubs and PR firms to just get a basic questionnaire filled out.  So I have diverted to plan B.  I found it to be so much easier to hone in on my psychic abilities and interview those celebrities that have passed away.  It seems as though they are more willing to sit through the interview.  Most dead celebrities do not want to lose touch with their fans.  They are so desperate that they are willing to answer the questions of a lowly wine blogger in San Diego.

Since my dad has Mexican Huichol Indian blood, I felt as though I have a natural psychic ability.  So I searched deep inside, called upon my spirit animal, sought out my spirit place and took on my shaman name, Momo.  I finally found my psychic ability.  Ironically, my spirit animal was actually an insect, phylloxera and my place of power was my very own wine room.  Now that I am connected, my acidity balanced, my heart full-bodied and my spirit well-structured I bring to you my wine interviews with dead celebrities.

A Wine Interview with John LennonJohn Lennon

Momo:  I must say that it is a great honor to hone in and conduct this interview with one of the greatest musicians, songwriters and one of the most inspirational people ever.  I probably assumed you drank wine, but I never knew that you were a wine lover.  When did you start drinking and what did you drink?

John:   While living in Liverpool and starting the Beatles, we were not real wine drinkers.  If ever, we’d drink before a show and chug a jug of wine from Vin de pays.  We drank what was cheap and attainable.

Momo:  In your song Norwegian Wood, you mention being seduced by a girl.  Was that because of the wine?

John:  Oh yes, by that time I was a full on wine drinker.  That song was about a night in which I went to this girl’s house, she got me drunk and seduced me.  This led me to reconsider the sort of wines I should drink…that red was way too much.

Momo:  Did you ever have a favorite wine?

John:  Absolutely!  When I met Yoko, she opened my mind.  She inspired me with lyrics, art and turned me on to Sake!  Sake is my absolute favorite.  Unfortunately, we had to have it flown from Japan because no one ever carried it here.

Momo:  I would never have guessed.

John:  No one knows this but I had to re-write many of my original songs so that they could fit the zeitgeist and actually sell.  Yoko and I wrote “Give Sake a Chance” one day in Central Park.  Then one day everyone came over to my apartment  for a bed-in.  Yoko and I started singing, “All we are saying, is give Sake a chance…”  Unfortunately no one sung along.  Yoko nudged me and said, “let’s do plan B”.  The rest was history.

Momo:  Did the other Beatles like Sake?

John:  No, not really.  This was the great split, it was not so much Yoko, they loved Yoko.  The problem was that when we got together we could not agree on what to drink.  Paul was only drinking Red Burgundy and Wrotham Clone Pinot Noir.  Ringo was on this Bordeaux kick, he had to spend lot’s of money on his wine.  George was fixed on whiskey. “That is when all our troubles began”.  The media blamed Yoko, but it was really my fondness for Sake that created the great divide.

Momo:  Why did you like Sake so much?

John:  “You may say I am a dreamer, but I was the only one”…I could see that sake was pure.  It gave me an ethereal feeling when I sipped on a good Junmai Daiginjo (a sake without any added alcohol milled to 70%).

Momo:  You once said that the Beatles were more famous than Jesus.  Do you still believe that?

John:  “I am a humble guy.”  But when I finally entered the gates of heaven, Jesus asked me for my autograph.  He then performed a miracle…in one hand he grabbed a sack of rice and in the other hand he held a handful of Koji (a rice with mold to help start fermentation),  and voilà…he made Sake for us to share.  He turned to me and sang:

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing Sake with the world…

Momo:  Holy Junmai! (pure rice sake, or expression of surprise) That is an incredible story.  It seems as though you were Jesus-like, you talked peace, you were generous and millions of people looked up to you.  You have some 11,000,000 friends on Facebook.  Many of your songs had drug references, do you think it was a good idea for a man with so much influence to encourage drugs to our youth.

John:  Momo, I never told people to take drugs!  People read into my lyrics and assumed that I was taking drugs.  My songs were about opening the mind, coming together and I described my emotional state under the influence of Sake.  “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” was written about one afternoon when Yoko and I were enjoying a delicious sweet Nigori Sake (an unfiltered sake) on a canoe.  We looked up and saw these beautiful trees over head shimmering in the sunlight.  We looked at our glasses with amazement, pondering why the little milled pieces of rice could make such an incredible experience.  They were like diamonds milled away and to create this cloudy drink that tasted like marshmallow pie.  Everyone else read something into it.  I guess I was ahead of my time, people were taking LSD and I was sipping on Nigori.

Momo:  You are such an artist, what is your favorite type of Sake?

John:  You’re wrong, Momo.  The real artist is the Toji ( the sake brewmaster).  If I had to choose one, which is hard to do, I prefer one of purity and simplicity.  I like Tokutei meishō-shu (premium sake) something like a Daiginjo-shu (milled to at least 50% slight alcohol added) with just a touch of spirit to lighten it up.

Momo:  Thank you Mr. John Lennon for taking the time to share your love for Sake.  Do you any last words you have for us?

John:  It was a pleasure; after all, time is all I have.  I just want to say, “I know you, you know me”, One thing I can tell you is you got to be free. Come together, right now, drink Sake.”

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