Pairing Champagne and Lexus

Posted on December 4, 2013

On December 11th I will be back at it again, making outrageous wine pairings.  I will attempt to pair Champagne and Lexus sports cars.  I don’t want to hear anything about drinking and driving, that is not what I am condoning.  Let’s get off our PC high horse, we all know drinking and driving is wrong.  I am a conceptual artist so let me have some fun. (In moderation of course).

The idea first came to me when my good friend, the wine buyer at Vintana of Escondido, Sheehan McCoy came to me and said he wanted to have a Champagne event inside the Lexus dealership which share the building with Vintana.  Those that know me, know that I could not resist another attempt to demystify wine.  I thought Sheehan’s idea was great.  So expounded on it and paired each car with a particular champagne. Because tasting wine and seeing cars is not enough for me, I had to put together a short video which walks you through the pairing.

What it all really comes down to is that the Lexus IS and the Lexus LFA Super car are down right sexy cars. The only wine that can really pair with these cars is Champagne.  They share many things in common.  Lexus and Sparkling wine are the creations of great minds.  Both will stand the test of time.  Both are sleek, classy and are exhilarating.  The Lexus IS F Sport is the more affordable of the two cars.  It has power and performance which needs a sparkling wine that is affordable but over delivers.  I paired it with Gloria Ferrer Royal Cuvee, a creamy sparkling wine with great acidity.  The LFA Super car is rare and in a completely different class.  This car was meant for the race track.  See this car turn the corner down your street and heads will be turning.  There is the white LFA inthe show room which I paired with the elegant, refined Ruinart blanc the blanc.  The black LFA looks more serious so I paired it with one of the world’s leading Champagne’s Moet n Chandon Imperial Rose.  This wine is much more serious, fuller bodied with structure only Pinot Noir could give.

It gives me goose bumps the size of Champagne bubbles when I hear the roar and hum of the engine.  Any person arriving to a party in either of these cars deserves to be given a glass of Champagne when walking in the door.  These cars are supreme and deserve a supreme wine, you cannot get more supreme than Champagne.  Champagne and Lexus are meant for each other.  If I have not proved it yet, then maybe this will blow your mind.  The first Lexus commercial in America was a Lexus with a stack of Champagne glasses on its hood showing how smooth the engine ran.  Bam!  There you go, Champagne with Lexus the perfect pairing.

If you would like to attend the event on Wednesday December 11th you can buy tickets here:
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Champagne and Lexus

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