The Bachelor’s Wine Dinner

Posted on December 18, 2013

I don’t know how many of you watch the Bachelor on ABC.  I don’t get it, but it seems to be the thing among the ladies.  Of course I don’t get wind of anything until it becomes wine related.  So here I am, promoting the Bachelor on Maurice’s Cru.  Well, maybe not so much promoting the Bachelor, but promoting the wines that the Bachelor, Benjamin Flajnik makes.

Tomorrow night, Thursday December 19th, the Prado at Balboa Park will have an Envolve wine dinner.  Envolve is a project by Michael Benziger and his childhood friend, Benjamin Flajnik.  In staying true to Benziger’s philosophy all the wines are either organically farmed or biodynamic.   This means the wines go with food.  This is perfect, being that the Prado at Balboa Park has award-winning chef, Jonathan Hale behind the line.  The menu Jonathan has created for this dinner is well thought out to match the theme and styles of the wines.  Come on! Rabbit loin and Pinot Noir!

Now who is this dinner really for?  Is it for the ladies looking to snatch up an eligible bachelor?  Is it for foodies looking for a great experience?  Maybe it’s for the person who just wants to go out for dinner tomorrow night.  Whomever it is for, it will be a  great experience.  If interested in attending please contact for reservations.  Last I heard there were a few seats still available.

The Bachelor Wine dinner

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