Corks and Canvas: Pairing Wine and Art

Posted on September 28, 2012

Corks and Canvas: Pairing Art and Wine will be held on October 13th at Island Prime & C-Level  San Diego.  This is the 2nd Annual Corks and Canvas.  Every art show pours wine.  Corks and Canvas goes to the next step…it pairs the wine with the art.  All of the artists work for the Cohn Restaurant Group.  It takes a real artist to work in the hospitality industry.  A person with vision, passion and ability to express oneself.  Corks and Canvas is the merger, it offers outsiders a look into the psyche of your server, bus boy, host and bartender.  The most amazing people I have met in my life have worked in the restaurant.

Wine is art!   Art touches our emotions.  Wines leaves an emotional impression.  At Corks and Canvas I will pair the emotion, structure and complexity of the art with the overall emotion, structure and complexity of the wine.  Art is a visual expression of life, wine is a living life form which pairs with art.  The two go hand in hand.  As a young student art school, I cannot tell you how many times wine influenced my art.  On October 13th, wine and art will come together.

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