Dr. Seuss Of Wine: A Wine Maker Saw a Drop of Dew

Posted on August 8, 2013

You may not believe it,saw a drop of dew
But here’s how it happened.
One warm fall morning…
A wine maker saw a drop of…Dew!

Because he saw the drop,
he started to harvest.
Because he started to harvest,
he picked the grapes.

Because he picked the grapes,
they went into a bucket.
Because they went into a bucket,
the skins got damaged.

Because they got damaged,
juice began to leak.
Because the juice leaked,
it was time to press.

Because it got pressed,
Winemaker, Joly
dropped in the yeast,
it got bubbly.

joly kick Because of that yeast
a wine was made.
Because it was made,
Joly took a sip.

Because he took a sip,
Nick Joly, kicked the tank.
Because of that kick,
another yeast fell in.

Because it fell in,
the juice turned brown.


Because it turned brown
he called Mr. Crowne
and offered a price
to buy that juice. money

Because he bought the juice,
Mr. Crowne,
Bought a barrel.

Because of the purchase,
he ran out of money.
Because he ran out of money,
He removed it from barrel.

Maybe too soon, but…
he bottled it up
Because he bottled it up
He could now make money.


Because he could get money
from a sucker downtown.
And because it was a lot,
He drove straight to town.
He gave a good price
to a shop that was down.
Because of that price,
the wine began to sell.

Although it was selling…
the wine did not compel.
Everyone, Everyone started to think,
the shop that was down,
sold them a bad drink.

Because of the bad smell,
they said “we’re not paying”.
They went on cellar tracker
and gave it a bad rating.

Because of cellar tracker,
nobody would buy.
So the shop closed
and the owner sighed.

Because the shop closed,
it’s true, it’s no lie,
no one downtown
could ever buy wine.


And this made people
Run far, far away.
And as far as I know,
Not a soul lives there today. runaway

And that’s how it happened.
Believe me. It’s true.

Just because
A wine maker saw a drop of dew!

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