No Fights, No Foolishness, Just People Drinking Wine in Coronado

Posted on July 9, 2012
Just people drinking wine!

Today I had the pleasure of spending the day in Coronado at Spreckel’s park for the Summer concert series.  It was amazing to see lawns chairs and blankets full of people drinking wine.

I am not sure if I was impressed by the shear number of people drinking wine or the fact that it’s legal to to drink in public.  I am so used to going to the park in San Diego and having to hide my bottle of wine in a cooler and drink out of paper cups.  I always feel like a teenager again, sneaking a swig of Zima from my coat pocket at the school dance.

I couldn’t help but to ask myself, “what are people drinking?”

Coronado is a small community isolated from San Diego.  The only thing connecting us is a small strand of land to the south and the famous Coronado Bridge.  The people of Coronado are proud of their community and distinguish themselves as being different from San Diegans.  The residents are made up of military families, retired Navy personnel and well-off families.  Real estate on the small island is precious and expensive.

So what are the residents of Coronado drinking? I decided to walk around with my son and daughter and ask people what they were drinking.  I wasn’t sure what I’d find.  Were people drinking grocery store wines?  Were they drinking wines from their private collections?  Were these people drinking inexpensive or expensive wines?

As I walked around and engaged with the locals, I saw that many were a little embarrassed to show their bottles.  Some were drinking one wine but they wanted to show the other wine tucked away in their bag.  It seemed like the trophy wines were not being drunk, but remained stashed away waiting for a more perfect time.  Regardless, I had a great time talking with people and checking out what was in their glasses.

On a side note…their were no drunken brawls, no streakers and the police were not in riot gear.
Oh San Diego, why couldn’t we behave like this?

Below are the wines the residents of Coronado drink on a Sunday afternoon.

Why not, it’s always on the Wine Spectators Top 100

A perfect example of today’s bulk wine industry.

Did you know they make something other than Chard?

Great to see Italian wine being drunk at the park.

No chain stores, but they do have liquor stores in Coronado

I knew that someone out there would be drinking Malbec.

Expanding to other regions other than Cali; Washington.

If it weren’t for this, many would not drink wine.

Unfiltered, Spring Mountain, toasty chardonnay

Southern California is Ferrari Carano’s biggest market.

Trinchero gets risque w/ a name sees an increase in sales.

What a great surpprise! I hope they were having oysters.

It did get a gold medal…somewhere.

Bulk rose? Nice to see people drinking rose.

A brand making wines for all of America.

See…the people of Coronado are sophisticated.

New Zealand Sauv Blanc is still hot in the marketplace.


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1 Comment

  1. Bill

    Pop. approx 20,000, good selection in Vons also several independents with decent collections. One wine bar with a very interesting collection. Tradition runs deep and that is particularly true when it comes to Sunday evening concerts.

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